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Custom Cakes


Pricing is based on size and design, custom cake orders are a minimum of $75 and $95 for boozy cakes (containing alcohol)

Cake Sizing

(cakes are standard height of 4 cake layers tall - servings are approx and vary by cutting style)

Single-Tier Cakes:

4" round : 8 servings

6" round : 16 servings

8" round : 36 servings

10" round: 64 servings

Multiple-Tier Cakes

two-tier 6" & 8" : 52 servings

two-tier 8" & 10" : 100 servings

three-tier 6", 8", 10" : 116 servings

four-tier 4", 6", 8", 10" : 124 servings


Cake flavors are made from scratch with fresh ingredients! We use creamy American-style buttercream for all flavor combinations. We can accommodate gluten and dairy-free, as well as fully vegan.

Signature Cake Flavors:

Classic Vanilla

Dark Chocolate



Red Velvet

Marble (Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl)

Funfetti (vanilla, strawberry, Oreo)

Signature Fillings:

Mixed Berry

Lemon Curd

Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Oreo Mousse

Spring/Summer Seasonal Flavors: COMING SOON

Fall/Winter Seasonal Flavors: COMING SOON

Boozy Cakes

We offer boozy cakes! This is cakes that contain alcohol in the frosting and/or filing. Mini bottles can also be added on top of cake as part of design. These cakes start at $95. Here are some ideas of some boozy flavors we offer:

Classic Margarita

Strawberry Margarita

 Whiskey and Chocolate

Peach and Whiskey

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